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Orbit Downloader, líder da revolução de gerenciadores de download, é devoto a nova geração de downloads da web (web 2.0), como vídeos/música/arquivos do MySpace, Youtube, Imeem, Pandora, Rapidshare. E tornar os downloads em geral rápidos e fáceis.

Versão Atual: Sem adware! Sem spyware!

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Porquê usar o Orbit Downloader?

  • Download de Media Ricos: Streaming, música & vídeo

    O Orbit Download suporta os protocolos HTTP/FTP/HTTPS/RTSP/MMS/RTMP e providencia uma solução completa para fazer downloads de multimídias ricos. Assim, você pode fazer download de músicas e vídeos de sites, incluindo Pandora e Youtube muito simples e fácil. Learn more...

  • Super Leve: Tamanho pequeno e utiliza poucos recursos

    O Orbit Downloader foi escrito com eficiência em mente, normalmente utilizando menos que 4 MB de memória e 3% do CPU enquanto faz downloads. O pacote de instalação é menor que 2 MB.

  • Grande Velocidade

    O Orbit Downloader é baseado na tecnologia p2p e múltiplas fontes, a qual o permite fazer downloads até 500% mais rápidos do que antes.

  • Suporta o Rapidshare

    O Orbit Downloader suporta a maioria dos websites de compartilhamento de arquivos, incluindo megaupload, badongo, sendspace, sexuploader, yourfilehost, uploading, filefront, 4shared, turboupload, depositfiles, filefactory, e muito mais...

  • Fácil de Usar

    O Orbit Downloader possui uma interface simples e limpa. É fácil de usar e configurar tanto para iniciantes como profissionais.

  • Grátis e Seguro

    100% gratuito sem necessidade de registro. Sem adware!!! Sem Spyware!!!

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O que as pessoas dizem?

Compared to just about all the other downloaders CNET has. This is the only one that outperforms all of them. Believe me i have tried them all. The highest I got on download is 1.2 mb per second and usual is around 745 to 800 kb. It does get slower at times but usually during high bandwidth usage and heavy internet usage but I am very pleased with this program. Give it a try. i think you will be amazed.

From Download.com By edcal4121 Sep 29,2007

Orbit Downloader improves your Internet connection not only by making it faster and more reliable, but also by providing you with a more comfortable way to download Youtube videos, streaming content and even files from free hosting sites. It hardly uses any system resources and is perfectly embedded into your favourite web browser.

From insidetonic By Elena Santos Sep 18,2007

Best download manager I've ever used, and continues to get better.

From FileForum By Ian C Sep 7,2007

I only just isolated the full screen exit problems I was having to OrbitDownloader and they've fixed it!! Yay, I can keep using it!!!Awesome app!

From FileForum By Polychronopolis Aug 26,2007

Social site downloading is the main appeal of this program. It supports HTTP(S), FTP, Metalink, RTSP, PNM, MMS, NSS, RTMP, embedded video from sites like YouTube, music from sites like Pandora, and files from sites like Rapidshare. It works with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Netscape, and Maxthon. Freeware.

From Mashable.com Aug 3,2007

The Grab++ module will scan for anything that is being played in your browser, whether it is an audio, video, or flash, and autodetect the download link (only caveat: Grab++ has to be run before the media file is played). This is (a) unbelievably cool, and (b) reason enough for me to switch from Flashget, hitherto my favorite downloader, to Orbit Downloader. Will download WMV and RM streaming video.

From freewaregenius.com Jun 20,2007

It is a virtual Swiss Army Knife for youtube video fans. It is the greatest youtube downloader. Not just youtube, it can download all video online. It is a full article of its own. I love it.

From Neowin.net By fishlover & darkpuma Apr 25,2007

It is an unexceptionable tool to download youtube and iFilm. And it can download embedded youtube video — supernatural!

From freedownloadscenter.com By Jili Apr 22,2007

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