Orbit Downloader 3.0

Orbit Downloader 3.0 — Download managing come easier

Group all of download files Orbit Download 3.0 added the tag function, so you can group all of download files by the tags you setted. Click a tag, it will filter the download files which has tagged. Switch tag free Change the old tags, or remove the tag no longer required. Keep the classification of old version Video, Music, Software...these classifiction exist on old version would not be obscured. Download Orbit Downloader Free!

(1) How to add tags?

Add tag when create a new download

Import a tag and click "Download" is OK. It could be one or a few words, but please kept to 255 characters.

Orbit Downloader 3.0 - Add Tag

(2) How to use tags?

As the picture showes, the tags on the left side would help you to filter the download files you want to selete.

Orbit Downloader 3.0 - Use Tagg

(3) How to change the tag?

There are two ways you can change the tag.

Right-click the download file and choose anyother tag which have been created, the tag would switch over. Or, you can create a new tgg, it also could change the tag of checked file.

Orbit Downloader 3.0 - Change Tag

Orbit Downloader 3.0 - Change Tag

(4) How to remove the tag?

Right-click the download file, and click "remove" is OK.

Orbit Downloader 3.0 - Remove Tag


  • (1) You can report bug to orbitdownloader@gmail.com
  • (2) You can see more FAQ athere.