How to Download Music from iJigg Free

How to use Orbit Downloader as iJigg music downloder to download music from iJigg free

How to Download iJigg Music Free?

Orbit Downloader is a free iJigg Music downloader which can help you to download music from iJigg free and easily with great speed. Also Orbit Downloader can download and manage music in firefox from almost all of social media websites like Youtube, Myspace, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Google Video, iFilm, Yahoo, Pandora, Radioblogclub, IMEEM, iJigg, Break... Learn more >> Keywords:Download Music from iJigg Free Download Orbit Downloader Free!

YouTube video tutorial - Free iJigg Downloader

(1) Hover your mouse on the playing iJigg Music, you will see a small button appeared near your mouse, like this:

Download Music from iJigg Free - step 1

(2) Click the 'GetIt' button, then the Grab++ will be run.

(i) When you first run the Grab++, it will noctify you refresh the page to grab the playing iJigg Music. ( if the Grab++ has been run before you play the iJigg Music, the hint dialog will not be displayed. )

Download Music from iJigg Free - step 2

(ii) Close the 'Hint' dialog. Then refresh (press F5 or ctrl+F5 in your browser or click the 'Refresh' button in your browser) the webpage, you will find that the playing iJigg Music has been grabbed and listed in the Grab++ interface:

Download Music from iJigg Free - step 3

(iii) Don't close the Grab++ and play the music one by one, you can see that the music are grabbed in order:

Download Music from iJigg Free - step 4

(3) Select the iJigg Music in the Grab++ list then click ' Download...' button, Orbit Downloader will download the selected iJigg Music for you.

Download Music from iJigg Free - step 5


  • (1) You could run Grab++ to start sniffer BEFORE playing the iJigg Music in webpage. If Grab++ don't capture the iJigg Music, try refresh the page and make sure the Music is PLAYING..
  • (2) Some of the Music are in FLV format. And lots of FLV players are in software download sites. Or you can download one of them athere.
  • (3) There is a timeout limitation at If Grab++ capture the Music, please download it SOON. If the Music can not download, please refresh page and let Grab++ capture it again.
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