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%tag_count% + %tag_name%%tag_count% + %tag_name%‘Order tags display’ is the second. Once tags choosen, you can reorder them before display.‘Order tags selection’ is the first step during tag's cloud generation, corresponding to collect tags.Advanced usage:Example: You want display randomly the 100 tags most popular.
Activate autocompletion feature:Activate click tags feature:Activate suggested tags feature: (Yahoo! Term Extraction API, Tag The Net, Local DB)ActivationActive Auto Tags.Active auto link tags into post content:Active tags for page:AddAdd TagAdd a tag input (and tag posts features) in page editionAdd page in tags management:Add the rel="nofollow" on each tags link ?AdministrationAdvanced tags managementAllAll PagesAll PostsAll Simple Tags options are deleted ! You deactive plugin now !All done!All done! %s tags added.Allow tag cloud in post/page content:AlphabeticalAlways add these keywords:AnyAuthor…Auto TagsAuto tags all contentAuto tags all content »Auto tags listAuto tags old contentAuto tags options updated !Automatically display related posts into feedsAutomatically display related posts into post contentAutomatically display tags list into feedsAutomatically display tags list into post content:Automatically include in header:Autotag only posts without tags.Choose a provider to get suggested tags (local, yahoo or tag the net).Clean !Clean it !Configure and add tags to posts…Date (ascending)Date (descending)DeleteDelete TagDelete all options ?Delete embedded tags once imported ?Display click tagsDo you really want to restore the default options?Don’t be stupid - backup your database before proceeding!Done!DraftEditEdit Tag SlugEmEmbedded TagsEmpty field will use default value.Enabling this will allow Wordpress to look for embedded tags when saving and displaying posts. Such set of tags is marked [tags]like this, and this[/tags], and is added to the post when the post is saved, but does not display on the post.Enabling this will allow Wordpress to look for tag cloud marker <!--st_tag_cloud--> when displaying posts. WP replace this marker by a tag cloud.End markerEnter the name of the tag to delete. This tag will be removed from all posts.Enter the positioned title before the list, leave blank for no title:Enter the tag name to edit and its new slug. Slug definitionEnter the tag to rename and its new value. You can use this feature to merge tags too. Click "Rename" and all posts which use this tag will be updated.Enter the text to show when there is no related post:Enter the text to show when there is no related tags:Enter the text to show when there is no remove related tags:Enter the text to show when there is no tag:Error. No enough tags for rename. Too for merge. Choose !Example: If you ignore case, auto link feature will replace the word "wordpress" by the tag link "WordPress".Example: You have a tag called "WordPress" and your post content contains "wordpress", this feature will replace "wordpress" by a link to "wordpress" tags page. (http://myblog.net/tag/wordpress/)Existing TagsExtended Tag Cloud %dExtended format: (advanced usage)FilterFilter »Filter…Flat (default)Font color max: (default: #000000)Font color mini: (default: #CCCCCC)Font size max: (default: 22)Font size mini: (default: 8)Format:GeneralGenerally, deactivating this plugin does not erase any of its data, if you like to quit using Simple Tags for good, please erase all options before deactivating the plugin.GoHide click tagsHow many tag cloud widgets would you like?Howdy! This imports tags from embedded tags into this blog using the new WordPress native tagging structure.ID (ascending)ID (descending)If your browser doesn't start loading the next page automatically click this link:Ignore case for auto link feature ?Import Complete!Import Embedded TagsImport Embedded Tags into the new WordPress native tagging structure.Import also embedded tags from page ?Include categories in result ?Include categories in tag cloud ?Include page in tag search:Includes the meta keywords tag automatically in your header (most, but not all, themes support this). These keywords are sometimes used by search engines.
Warning: If the plugin "All in One SEO Pack" is installed and enabled. This feature is automatically disabled.Includes the meta keywords tag automatically in your header (most, but not all, themes support this). These keywords are sometimes used by search engines.
Warning: If the plugin "All in One SEO Pack" is installed and enabled. This feature is disabled.Invalid TaxonomyInverse AlphabeticalKeywords listKeywords list: (separated with a comma)Least popular color:Least popular font size:Least usedLeave empty for list format.List (UL/LI)Local tagsManage TagsMass Edit TagsMass edit tagsMax keywords display:Max tags display:Max tags to display: (default: 45)Maximum number of related posts to display: (default: 5)Maximum number of related tags to display: (default: 5)Maximum number of tags to display: (default: 45)Merge tag(s) «%1$s» to «%2$s». %3$s objects edited.Meta KeywordMethod of tags intersections and unions used to build related tags link:Min usage for auto link tags:Missing parameters in URL. (Start or End)Most popularMost popular (default)Most popular color:Most popular font size:New tag name(s):Next contentNext tagsNo content to edit.No new slug(s) specified!No new tag specified!No new tag(s) specified!No new/old valid tag specified!No objects (post/page) found for specified old tags.No related posts.No related tag found.No related tags found.No slug edited.No tag added.No tag deleted.No tag for this post.No tag merged.No tag renamed.No tag specified!No tags for this post.No tags.No valid new tag.Nofollow is a non-standard HTML attribute value used to instruct search engines that a hyperlink should not influence the link target's ranking in the search engine's index.Nothing to muck. Good job !Now wasn’t that easy?OK, so we lied about this being a 4-step program! You’re done!OptionsOptions savedOrder related tags:Order tags display:Order tags selection:Order…PagePage: Pending ReviewPending postsPixelPoint (default)PostPost link format:Post tag separator string:Posts tagged with %sPourcentPrefix for embedded tags:Previous tagsPrivatePrivate postsPublishedPublished postsQuantity…RandomRandom (default)Related PostsRelated Posts Order:Related TagsRelated tags link format:Related tags separator:Related tags type format:Remove empty termsRemove related TagsRemove related Tags type format:Remove related tags link format:Remove related tags separator:RenameRename TagRenamed tag(s) «%1$s» to «%2$s»Reset OptionsSaveScheduledScheduled postsSearch PostsSearch tagsSearch terms…Security problem. Try again. If this problem persist, contact plugin author.Separated with a commaShow all datesSimple TagsSimple Tags can also tag all existing contents of your blog. This feature use auto tags list above-mentioned.Simple Tags can't work with this WordPress version !Simple Tags options resetted to default options!Simple Tags: Auto TagsSimple Tags: Manage TagsSimple Tags: Mass Edit TagsSimple Tags: OptionsSlug(s) to set:Sort Order:Start import »Start markerStep 1 »Step 2 »Steps may take a few minutes depending on the size of your database. Please be patient.Suffix for embedded tags:Suggested tags from :Tag Cloud WidgetsTag The NetTag cloudTag link format:Tag(s) added to %1s post(s).Tag(s) to add:Tag(s) to delete:Tag(s) to match:Tag(s) to rename:Tags (separate multiple tags with commas: cats, pet food, dogs)Tags (separate multiple tags with commas: cats, pet food, dogs)Tags cloud type format:Tags databaseTags for Current PostTags number and slugs number isn't the same!Tags selection:Tags: TargetText to display after tags list:Text to display before tags list:Text to display if no tags found:The colours are hexadecimal colours, and need to have the full six digits (#eee is the shorthand version of #eeeeee).The font size units option determines the units that the two font sizes use.The two font sizes are the size of the largest and smallest tags.The units to display the font sizes with, on tag clouds:There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.This erases all Simple Tags options. This is irrevocable! Be careful.This feature add a box allowing you get suggested tags, by comparing post content and various sources of tags. (external and internal)This feature add a link allowing you to display all the tags of your database. Once displayed, you can click over to add tags to post.This feature allow page to be tagged. This option add pages in tags search. Also this feature add tag management in write page.This feature allows Wordpress to look into post content and title for specified tags when saving posts. If your post content or title contains the word "WordPress" and you have "wordpress" in auto tags list, Simple Tags will add automatically "wordpress" as tag for this post.This feature displays a visual help allowing to enter tags more easily.This feature lets you add one or more new tags to all posts which match any of the tags given.This feature need that option "Add page in tags management" is enabled.This parameter allows to fix a minimal value of use of tags. Default: 1.Title:To accommodate larger databases for those tag-crazy authors out there, we have made this into an easy 4-step program to help you kick that nasty Embedded Tags habit. Just keep clicking along and we will let you know when you are in the clear!Type…UninstallationUnit font size:Untagged onlyUpdate Options »Update allUpdate all »Update list »Update options »Use also local tags database with auto tags. (Warning, this option can increases the CPU consumption a lot if you have many tags)Use auto color cloud:Use embedded tags:View all categoriesView all posts tagged with %sVisit the plugin's homepage for further details. If you find a bug, or have a fantastic idea for this plugin, ask me !Visit the plugin's homepage for further details. If you find a bug, or have a fantastic idea for this plugin, ask me !Visit the plugin's homepage for further details. If you find a bug, or have a fantastic idea for this plugin, ask me !Which difference between ‘Order tags selection’ and ‘Order tags display’ ?
WordPress 2.3 have a small bug and can create empty terms.WordPress 2.3 have a small bug and can create empty terms. Remove it !YahooYou can find markers and explanations in the online documentation.You can manage tags now !You can specify multiple tags to add by separating them with commas. If you want the tag(s) to be added to all posts, then don't specify any tags to match.You can specify multiple tags to delete by separating them with commasYou can specify multiple tags to rename by separating them with commas.You can use the same syntax as st_related_posts()function to customize display. See documentation for more details.You can use the same syntax as st_related_tags()function to customize display. See documentation for more details.You can use the same syntax as st_tag_cloud() function to customize display. See documentation for more details.You can use the same syntax as st_the_tags() function to customize display. See documentation for more details.You must set ‘Order tags selection’ to count-desc for retrieve the 100 tags most popular and ‘Order tags display’ to random for randomize cloud.You must set zero (0) for display all keywords in HTML header.You must set zero (0) for display all tags.You must use Simple Tagging Plugin for it to work.Your most used tags in cloud format with dynamic color and many optionsProject-Id-Version: Simple Tags Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: POT-Creation-Date: 2008-04-01 00:00+0800 PO-Revision-Date: 2008-04-01 00:36+0800 Last-Translator: Leo Language-Team: WordPress 中文团队 MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8 Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit X-Poedit-KeywordsList: __;_e X-Poedit-Basepath: C:\xampp\htdocs\wp\wp-content\plugins\simple-tags X-Poedit-SearchPath-0: C:\xampp\htdocs\wp\wp-content\plugins\simple-tags 已删除 %s 个缩略名。成功更新 %s 个页面的标签!成功更新 %s 篇日志的标签!已删除 %s 行。 WordPress 数据库清理完毕!已编辑 %s 个缩略名。© 版权所有 2007 Amaury Balmer | Simple Tags | 版本 %s» 移除 %tag_name%» 移除 %tag_name%移除 %tag_name%%post_title% (%post_comment%)%tag_name%%tag_name%%tag_name%AND – 获取在标签“Tag1” 标签“Tag2”下的日志。OR – 获取在标签“Tag1” 标签“Tag2”下的日志。(默认)all – 在博客与 Feed 中显示blogonly – 仅在博客上显示count-asc – 相同标签数少的日志在前count-asc – 冷门标签在前count-desc – 相同标签数多的日志在前(默认)count-desc – 最热门count-desc – 热门标签在前 (默认)date-asc – 旧日志在前date-desc – 新日志在前flat – 行内显示(非列表,仅 div)homeonly – 仅在首页显示list – 显示一个规格化的列表 (ul/li)name-asc – 字母顺序name-desc – 字母倒序no – 不显示 (默认)pageonly – 仅在页面中显示random – 随机random – 随机 (默认)singleonly – 仅在单独日志中显示singularonly – 仅在页面和单独日志中显示




%tag_count% + %tag_name%%tag_count% + %tag_name%“标签显示”是第二个步骤。选择好标签后,您可以在显示它们之前重新对它们排序。“标签选择”是生成标签云的第一个步骤,即收集标签。高级用法范例: 您希望按随机顺序显示 100 个最热门的标签
启动自动完成特性:启动一键标签特性:启用标签推荐功能:(Yahoo! 标签提取 API, Tag The Net, 本地标签)启用启用智能标签在日志内容中自动加入标签链接:对页面启用标签功能:添加添加标签编辑页面时显示标签输入框在页面编辑中加入标签管理:在每个标签链接中加入 rel="nofollow":管理高级标签管理全部全部页面全部日志Simple Tags 所有选项都已删除。您可以 立即禁用 Simple Tags!全部完成!完成!已添加 %s 个标签。在日志和页面内容中显示标签云:字母顺序总是添加以下关键词:任何作者…智能标签自动为所有内容添加标签自动为所有内容添加标签 »智能标签列表自动为旧内容添加标签智能标签选项已更新!在 Feed 结尾显示相关日志列表:在日志结尾显示相关日志列表:在 Feed 结尾显示标签列表:在日志结尾显示标签列表:自动在 header 中加入元关键词:仅对未加标签的日志使用智能标签功能选择推荐标签来源(本地标签、Yahoo! 或 Tag The Net)清理!清理!配置并添加标签到日志中…日期 (升序)日期 (降序)删除删除标签清除所有选项导入后删除内嵌标签?显示一键标签确定要恢复默认选项吗?不要犯糊涂 - 正式开始之前请备份你的数据库!完成!草稿编辑编辑标签缩略名Em内嵌标签空字段将使用默认值启用该项将允许 WordPress 在保存与显示日志时寻找内嵌标签。内嵌标签标记为[tags]like this, and this[/tags],当保存日志的时候会被添加,但并不加以显示让 WordPress 在显示日志时寻找标记 <!--st_tag_cloud--> ,并用标签云代替该标记结束标记输入待删除的标签。这些标签将从所有日志中移除。列表定位标题,留空则不定义:输入标签名与其缩略名。 缩略名定义在下方输入待重命名的标签原有名称和新名称。 您也可以借此合并标签。点击“重命名”后,该标签下的日志都会被更新。没有相关日志时显示的文本:没有相关标签时显示的文本:无移除相关标签时则显示:没有标签时显示的文本:错误:待重命名的标签太少,待合并的标签太多。请重新选择!范例:若忽略大小写,“wordpress”将会被替换成“WordPress”的标签链接范例: 您已经有了一个“WordPress”标签,并且日志含有短语“WordPress”,该功能将把“WordPress”短语替换成“WordPress”的标签页链接(http://yourblog.net/tag/wordpress/)已有标签扩展标签云 %d扩展格式(高级用法):筛选过滤 »过滤…平铺(默认)最热门标签颜色 (默认#000000):最冷门标签颜色 (默认#CCCCCC):最热门标签尺寸(默认 22):最冷门标签尺寸(默认 8):样式:常规一般来说,禁用插件并不清除其已有数据。如果您将永不再使用 Simple Tags,在禁用它之前,请清除 Simple Tags 的所有选项。搜索隐藏一键标签标签云 Widgets 数量:您好!这将使用 WordPress 原生标签系统把内嵌标签导入到博客中。ID (升序)ID (降序)如果浏览器没有自动跳转到下个页面,请点击:使用自动链接标签时忽略大小写:导入完成!导入内嵌标签导入内嵌标签为 WordPress 原生标签顺带导入页面中的内嵌标签?在搜索结果中包括分类:在标签云中包括分类:在标签搜索结果中包括页面:自动在 header 中加入这些元关键词(受大多数主题支持)。搜索引擎有时会利用这些关键词
警告: 如果启用了插件 All in One SEO Pack,则该功能被禁用。自动在 header 中加入这些元关键词(受大多数主题支持)。搜索引擎有时会使用这些关键词
警告: 如果启用了插件 All in One SEO Pack,则该功能被禁用无效的分类字母倒序关键词列表关键词列表(英文逗号隔开):最冷门标签颜色:最冷门标签字号:冷门度若类型格式为list,则请在此处留空列表(UL/LI)本地标签管理标签批量编辑标签批量编辑标签关键词数量上限:标签显示上限:标签显示个数限制(默认 45):相关日志数量限制(默认 5):相关标签数量限制(默认 5):标签显示数量限制(默认 45):成功将标签 «%1$s» 合并为 «%2$s»。 %3$s 个对象被编辑。元关键词相关标签链接生成方式:自动链接标签的最低使用度:URL 中缺少参数。(起始或结束)热门度热门度(默认)最热门标签颜色:最热门标签字号:标签新名称:下条内容上一页没有可供编辑的内容。未指定新缩略名!未指定新标签!未指定新标签!未指定有效的标签!未找到指定旧标签下的日志或页面。无相关日志未找到相关标签。未找到相关标签。未编辑缩略名。没有标签被添加。未删除标签。该日志未加标签没有标签被合并。没有标签被重命名。未指定标签!该日志未加标签。无标签新标签无效。Nofollow 是一个非标准的 HTML 属性值,用于告知搜索引擎该链接不应影响链接对象的评级没有可供清理的项目。干得漂亮!很简单,不是吗?OK,我们对这四个步骤的过程撒了点谎!您已经完成了!选项选项已保存相关标签排序:标签显示排序:标签选择依据:排序…页面分页:待审核待审核的日志pxpt (默认)日志日志链接格式:日志标签分隔字串:标签 %s 下的日志百分比内嵌标签的前缀:下一页私人私人日志已发布已发布的日志数量…随机随机(默认)相关日志相关日志排序:相关标签相关标签链接格式:相关标签分隔:相关标签类型格式:清理空白标签删除相关标签移除相关标签类型格式:移除相关标签链接格式:删除相关标签分隔符:重命名重命名标签成功将标签 «%1$s» 重命名为 «%2$s»重置选项保存待发布待发布的日志搜索日志搜索标签搜索关键词…安全问题,请重试。如果该问题仍然存在,请联系 插件作者.关键词列表(英文逗号隔开)所有日期Simple TagsSimple Tags 也可以为博客中已有的内容添加标签,该功能要用到上面的智能标签列表。Simple Tags 不能使用在该版本的 WordPress 中!Simple Tags 的选项已重置为默认值!Simple Tags:智能标签Simple Tags:管理标签Simple Tags:批量编辑标签Simple Tags: 选项待设置的缩略名:排序依据:开始导入 »起始标记步骤 1 »步骤 2 »这些步骤可能要花上几分钟时间,这取决于您的数据库大小。请稍具耐心。内嵌标签的后缀:推荐标签来源:标签云 WidgetsTag The Net标签云标签链接格式:标签被添加到 %1s 条日志。待添加的标签:待删除的标签:待匹配的标签:待重命名的标签:标签 (以英文逗号分隔多个标签:cats, pet food, dogs)标签 ( 以英文逗号分隔多个标签:cats, pet food, dogs)标签云类型格式:标签数据库当前日志标签标签数量与缩略名数量不同!标签选择依据:标签:目标显示在标签列表后面的文本:显示在标签列表前面的文本:没有标签时显示的文本:颜色用十六进制数字表示,不能使用简写形式。(例如,#EEE 就是 #EEEEEE 的简写形式)字号单位选项决定了以上两个字号的单位两种字号分别对应最大标签和最小标签标签云字号单位:日志受保护,不能显示摘要。这将清除 Simple Tags 的所有选项。本操作不可撤消,请务必小心。通过比较日志内容与多种标签来源(外部内部均有)以提供推荐标签允许显示本地所有标签,可点击任一标签将其添加到日志中启用该选项可以对页面添加标签。该功能将允许 WordPress 在保存日志的时候针对特定的标签检查日志内容和标题。如果日志内容或标题中含有词语“WordPress”并且“WordPress”在智能标签列表中,则 Simple Tags 将自动为该日志加上标签“WordPress”。提供 Ajax 标签输入界面,使标签输入更方便轻松该功能可以让您为匹配指定标签的日志加上一个或多个新标签。使用该功能需要启用 “在页面编辑中加入标签管理”该参数允许强制设置标签使用度的最小值。默认值:1标题:为了适应某些“标签狂人”的庞大数据库,我们准备了四个步骤的过程来帮助您戒除使用内嵌标签的恶习。只须一路点击,就可以完成了!类型…卸载字号单位:仅显示无标签条目更新选项 »全部更新全部更新 »更新列表 »更新选项 »同时使用本地已有标签以实现智能标签(提醒:如果标签数较多,本选项会消耗大量 CPU 资源)自动为标签云定义颜色:使用内嵌标签:所有分类查看 %s 下的所有日志访问 插件主页 以查看详情。如果您发现任何 Bug 或有更好的主意,请 与我联系 !访问 插件主页 以查看详情。如果您发现任何 Bug 或有更好的主意,请 与我联系 !访问 插件主页 以查看详情。如果您发现任何 Bug 或有更好的主意,请 与我联系“标签选择”“标签显示” 有何区别?
WordPress 2.3 有一个小 Bug,会产生空白标签。WordPress 2.3 有一个小 Bug,会产生空白标签,可以在此清理。Yahoo您可以在 在线文档 中找到标记及其相关说明您现在就可以开始管理标签!您可以用英文逗号作为分隔符以指定多个标签。如果您想把标签加到所有日志中,则不要指定任何待匹配的标签。您可以用英文逗号作为分隔符以指定多个待删除的标签。您可以用英文逗号作为分隔符以指定多个待重命名的标签。您可以使用和 st_related_posts() 函数一样的语法来自定义显示效果。详情请查看 技术文档您可以使用和 st_related_tags() 函数一样的语法来自定义显示效果。详情请查看 技术文档您可以使用和 st_tag_cloud() 函数一样的语法来自定义显示效果。详情请查看 技术文档您可以使用与 st_the_tags() 函数一样的语法来定制显示效果。详情请查看 技术文档您必须设置“标签选择依据”为count-desc 以获取最热门的 100 个标签,设置“标签显示排序”为random 以在标签云中随机对它们排序。置零(0)则在 header 中加入所有关键词置零(0)以显示全部标签您必须使用 Simple Tagging Plugin。以标签云形式显示最常用的标签,有大量选项,可设置渐变色