msgid "" msgstr "" "Project-Id-Version: sitemap 3.0b8\n" "POT-Creation-Date: \n" "PO-Revision-Date: 2007-08-01 16:07+0800\n" "Last-Translator: Kirin Lin \n" "Language-Team: Kirin Lin \n" "MIME-Version: 1.0\n" "Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8\n" "Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n" "X-Poedit-Language: Chinese\n" "X-Poedit-Country: TAIWAN\n" "Plural-Forms: nplurals=2; plural=n == 1 ? 0 : 1;\n" "X-Poedit-KeywordsList: __;_e;__ngettext:1,2\n" "X-Poedit-Basepath: .\n" "X-Poedit-SearchPath-0: .\n" #: sitemap.php:827 msgid "Comment Count" msgstr "迴響數目" #: sitemap.php:839 msgid "Uses the number of comments of the post to calculate the priority" msgstr "使用迴響的數量來計算優先權" #: sitemap.php:899 msgid "Comment Average" msgstr "迴響平均值" #: sitemap.php:911 msgid "Uses the average comment count to calculate the priority" msgstr "使用迴響數量平均值來計算優先權" #: sitemap.php:974 msgid "Popularity Contest" msgstr "Popularity Contest" #: sitemap.php:986 msgid "Uses the activated Popularity Contest Plugin from Alex King. See Settings and Most Popular Posts" msgstr "使用 Alex King 提供的 Popularity Contest 外掛(需啟用)。詳見 選項 以及Most Popular Posts" #: sitemap.php:2293 msgid "XML-Sitemap Generator" msgstr "XML 網站地圖產生器" #: sitemap.php:2293 msgid "XML-Sitemap" msgstr "XML 網站地圖" #: sitemap.php:2478 msgid "Thank you very much for your donation. You help me to continue support and development of this plugin and other free software!" msgstr "非常感謝您的贊助。由於您的幫助,讓我能夠繼續支援開發這個外掛以及其他免費軟體!" #: sitemap.php:2478 msgid "Hide this notice" msgstr "隱藏這個通知" #: sitemap.php:2489 #: sitemap.php:2655 msgid "XML Sitemap Generator for WordPress" msgstr "WordPress 專用 XML 網站地圖產生器" #: sitemap.php:2560 msgid "Configuration updated" msgstr "設定已更新" #: sitemap.php:2561 msgid "Error while saving options" msgstr "儲存選項時產生錯誤" #: sitemap.php:2563 msgid "Pages saved" msgstr "頁面已儲存" #: sitemap.php:2564 msgid "Error while saving pages" msgstr "儲存頁面時產生錯誤" #: sitemap.php:2568 #, php-format msgid "Robots.txt file saved" msgstr "Robots.txt 檔案已儲存" #: sitemap.php:2570 msgid "Error while saving Robots.txt file" msgstr "儲存 Robots.txt 檔案時產生錯誤" #: sitemap.php:2578 msgid "The default configuration was restored." msgstr "設定已重置為預設值。" #: sitemap.php:2671 #: sitemap.php:2688 msgid "open" msgstr "打開" #: sitemap.php:2672 #: sitemap.php:2689 msgid "close" msgstr "關閉" #: sitemap.php:2673 #: sitemap.php:2690 msgid "click-down and drag to move this box" msgstr "按下並拖曳這個矩形" #: sitemap.php:2674 #: sitemap.php:2691 msgid "click to %toggle% this box" msgstr "按了「%toggle%」這個矩形" #: sitemap.php:2675 #: sitemap.php:2692 msgid "use the arrow keys to move this box" msgstr "使用方向鍵移動這個矩形" #: sitemap.php:2676 #: sitemap.php:2693 msgid ", or press the enter key to %toggle% it" msgstr ",或者按下 Enter 鍵來「%toggle%」它" #: sitemap.php:2704 msgid "About this Plugin:" msgstr "關於這個外掛:" #: sitemap.php:2706 msgid "Plugin Homepage" msgstr "外掛首頁" #: sitemap.php:2707 msgid "Notify List" msgstr "郵件通知" #: sitemap.php:2708 msgid "Support Forum" msgstr "支援論壇" #: sitemap.php:2709 msgid "Donate with PayPal" msgstr "PayPal 贊助" #: sitemap.php:2710 msgid "My Amazon Wish List" msgstr "我的 Amazon 願望清單" #: sitemap.php:2711 msgid "translator_name" msgstr "Kirin Lin" #: sitemap.php:2711 msgid "translator_url" msgstr "" #: sitemap.php:2715 msgid "Sitemap Resources:" msgstr "網站地圖資源:" #: sitemap.php:2717 msgid "Webmaster Tools" msgstr "網站管理員工具" #: sitemap.php:2718 msgid "Webmaster Blog" msgstr "網站管理員網誌" #: sitemap.php:2720 msgid "Site Explorer" msgstr "Site Explorer" #: sitemap.php:2721 msgid "Search Blog" msgstr "Search Blog" #: sitemap.php:2723 msgid "Sitemaps Protocol" msgstr "網站地圖通訊協定" #: sitemap.php:2724 msgid "Official Sitemaps FAQ" msgstr "官方版網站地圖答客問" #: sitemap.php:2725 msgid "My Sitemaps FAQ" msgstr "網站地圖答客問" #: sitemap.php:2730 msgid "Recent Donations:" msgstr "近期贊助清單:" #: sitemap.php:2734 msgid "List of the donors" msgstr "贊助者清單" #: sitemap.php:2736 msgid "Hide this list" msgstr "隱藏本清單" #: sitemap.php:2739 msgid "Thanks for your support!" msgstr "感謝您的贊助!" #: sitemap.php:2751 msgid "Status" msgstr "狀態" #: sitemap.php:2761 #, php-format msgid "The sitemap wasn't built yet. Click here to build it the first time." msgstr "您的網站地圖還沒產生過。點這裡來產生它吧。" #: sitemap.php:2767 msgid "Your sitemap was last built on %date%." msgstr "您的網站地圖上次發佈時間為:%date%。" #: sitemap.php:2769 msgid "There was a problem writing your sitemap file. Make sure the file exists and is writable. Learn more更多資訊" #: sitemap.php:2776 msgid "Your sitemap (zipped) was last built on %date%." msgstr "網站地圖(壓縮檔)上回產生於:%date%。" #: sitemap.php:2778 msgid "There was a problem writing your zipped sitemap file. Make sure the file exists and is writable. Learn more更多資訊" #: sitemap.php:2784 msgid "Google was successfully notified about changes." msgstr "已經成功地通知 Google 您網站的更新。" #: sitemap.php:2787 msgid "It took %time% seconds to notify Google, maybe you want to disable this feature to reduce the building time." msgstr "花了 %time% 秒來通知 Google,或許您想要關閉這個功能來增加效能。" #: sitemap.php:2790 msgid "There was a problem while notifying Google." msgstr "通知 Google 時發生了問題。" #: sitemap.php:2796 msgid "YAHOO was successfully notified about changes." msgstr "已經成功地通知 YAHOO 您網站的更新。" #: sitemap.php:2799 msgid "It took %time% seconds to notify YAHOO, maybe you want to disable this feature to reduce the building time." msgstr "花了 %time% 秒來通知 YAHOO,或許您想要關閉這個功能來增加效能。" #: sitemap.php:2802 msgid "There was a problem while notifying YAHOO" msgstr "通知 YAHOO 時發生了問題。" #: sitemap.php:2808 msgid " was successfully notified about changes." msgstr "已經成功地通知 您網站的更新。" #: sitemap.php:2811 msgid "It took %time% seconds to notify, maybe you want to disable this feature to reduce the building time." msgstr "花了 %time% 秒來通知,或許您想要關閉這個功能來增加效能。" #: sitemap.php:2814 msgid "There was a problem while notifying" msgstr "通知 時發生了問題。" #: sitemap.php:2822 msgid "The building process took about %time% seconds to complete and used %memory% MB of memory." msgstr "整個建置過程大約花費 %time% 秒來完成,使用 %memory% MB 的記憶體。" #: sitemap.php:2824 msgid "The building process took about %time% seconds to complete." msgstr "整個建置過程大約花費 %time% 秒來完成。" #: sitemap.php:2828 msgid "The content of your sitemap didn't change since the last time so the files were not written and no search engine was pinged." msgstr "您的網站地圖內容與上次比較並沒有變更,所以沒有產生新檔案,而且搜尋引擎也沒有被通知。" #: sitemap.php:2832 msgid "The last run didn't finish! Maybe you can raise the memory or time limit for PHP scripts. Learn more" msgstr "上次的執行並未結束!也許您需要替 PHP 增加記憶體或者時間限制。更多資訊" #: sitemap.php:2834 msgid "The last known memory usage of the script was %memused%MB, the limit of your server is %memlimit%." msgstr "最後一次執行本程式使用 %memused% MB 記憶體,您伺服器的限制為 %memlimit%。" #: sitemap.php:2838 msgid "The last known execution time of the script was %timeused% seconds, the limit of your server is %timelimit% seconds." msgstr "最後一次執行本程式的時間花 %timeused% 秒,您伺服器的限制為 %timelimit% 秒。" #: sitemap.php:2842 msgid "The script stopped around post number %lastpost% (+/- 100)" msgstr "這支程式大約停在第 %lastpost% (+/- 100)篇文章" #: sitemap.php:2845 #, php-format msgid "If you changed something on your server or blog, you should rebuild the sitemap manually." msgstr "若是您對伺服器或者網誌做了某些更動,您應該手動重新產生網站地圖。" # msgid "Rebuild Sitemap" # msgstr "" #: sitemap.php:2859 msgid "Basic Options" msgstr "基本選項" #: sitemap.php:2863 msgid "Sitemap files:" msgstr "網站地圖檔案:" #: sitemap.php:2863 #: sitemap.php:2878 #: sitemap.php:2898 #: sitemap.php:2923 #: sitemap.php:2940 msgid "Learn more" msgstr "更多資訊" #: sitemap.php:2868 msgid "Write a normal XML file (your filename)" msgstr "寫入 XML 檔案(檔案名稱)" #: sitemap.php:2874 msgid "Write a gzipped file (your filename + .gz)" msgstr "寫入壓縮檔(檔案名稱 + .gz)" #: sitemap.php:2878 msgid "Building mode:" msgstr "產生模式:" #: sitemap.php:2883 msgid "Rebuild sitemap if you change the content of your blog" msgstr "當修改網誌內容時重新建立網站地圖。" #: sitemap.php:2890 msgid "Enable manual sitemap building via GET Request" msgstr "啟用透過發送 GET 要求手動建立網站地圖。" #: sitemap.php:2894 msgid "This will allow you to refresh your sitemap if an external tool wrote into the WordPress database without using the WordPress API. Use the following URL to start the process: %1 Please check the logfile above to see if sitemap was successfully built." msgstr "本選項允許您刷新您的網站地圖。當您使用外部工具直接將文章寫入 WordPress 資料庫,而非透過 WordPress API 時,使用以下網址啟動這個作業: %1 若是要知道是否成功請檢查紀錄檔案。" #: sitemap.php:2898 msgid "Update notification:" msgstr "更新通知:" #: sitemap.php:2902 msgid "Notify Google about updates of your Blog" msgstr "通知 Google 關於您網站的更新" #: sitemap.php:2903 #, php-format msgid "No registration required, but you can join the Google Webmaster Tools to check crawling statistics." msgstr "不需要註冊,但您可加入 Google 網站管理員工具來檢查搜索統計。" #: sitemap.php:2907 msgid "Notify about updates of your Blog" msgstr "通知 關於您網站的更新" #: sitemap.php:2908 msgid "No registration required." msgstr "不需要註冊。" #: sitemap.php:2912 msgid "Notify YAHOO about updates of your Blog" msgstr "通知 YAHOO 關於您網站的更新" #: sitemap.php:2913 #, php-format msgid "No registration required, but you can sign up for the YAHOO Site Explorer to view the crawling progress." msgstr "不需要註冊,但您可加入 YAHOO Site Explorer 來檢查搜索統計。" #: sitemap.php:2918 #, php-format msgid "Modify or create %s file in blog root which contains the sitemap location." msgstr "於網誌根目錄修改或者產生 %s 檔案,該檔案包含網站地圖的位置資訊。" #: sitemap.php:2921 msgid "File permissions: " msgstr "檔案權限:" #: sitemap.php:2926 msgid "OK, robots.txt is writable." msgstr "OK,可寫入 robots.txt。" #: sitemap.php:2928 msgid "Error, robots.txt is not writable." msgstr "錯誤,不可寫入 robots.txt。" #: sitemap.php:2932 msgid "OK, robots.txt doesn't exist but the directory is writable." msgstr "OK,robots.txt 並不存在但該目錄可寫入。" #: sitemap.php:2934 msgid "Error, robots.txt doesn't exist and the directory is not writable" msgstr "錯誤,robots.txt 並不存在且該目錄不可寫入。" # msgid "Rebuild Sitemap" # msgstr "" #: sitemap.php:2940 msgid "Advanced options:" msgstr "進階選項:" #: sitemap.php:2943 msgid "Try to increase the memory limit to:" msgstr "試著將記憶體限制增加至:" #: sitemap.php:2943 msgid "e.g. \"4M\", \"16M\"" msgstr "例如:「4M」,「16M」" #: sitemap.php:2946 msgid "Try to increase the execution time limit to:" msgstr "試著將執行時間限制增加至:" #: sitemap.php:2946 msgid "in seconds, e.g. \"60\" or \"0\" for unlimited" msgstr "以秒為單位,例如:「60」或者「0」則不限制" #: sitemap.php:2949 msgid "Include a XSLT stylesheet:" msgstr "包含 XSLT 樣式:" #: sitemap.php:2949 msgid "Use Default" msgstr "使用預設值" #: sitemap.php:2949 msgid "Full or relative URL to your .xsl file" msgstr "您 .xsl 檔案的絕對或者相對路徑" #: sitemap.php:2960 msgid "Additional pages" msgstr "其他的頁面" #: sitemap.php:2965 msgid "Here you can specify files or URLs which should be included in the sitemap, but do not belong to your Blog/WordPress.
For example, if your domain is and your blog is located on you might want to include your homepage at" msgstr "您可以在此指定那些應被納入網站地圖的檔案或者網址,但是不屬於您的部落格(Blog/WordPress)。
舉例來說,若是您的部落格是,而您想要將您 下的網頁納入此網站地圖。" #: sitemap.php:2967 #: sitemap.php:3270 msgid "Note" msgstr "注意" #: sitemap.php:2968 msgid "If your blog is in a subdirectory and you want to add pages which are NOT in the blog directory or beneath, you MUST place your sitemap file in the root directory (Look at the "Location of your sitemap file" section on this page)!" msgstr "若是您的部落格是在子目錄下而您想要增加的頁面並不在部落格的目錄下面,您必須將您的網站地圖置於網站的根目錄下。(請見本頁「網站地圖的位置」小節)!" #: sitemap.php:2970 #: sitemap.php:3116 msgid "URL to the page" msgstr "頁面網址" #: sitemap.php:2971 msgid "Enter the URL to the page. Examples: or " msgstr "輸入頁面的網址。例如: 或者 " #: sitemap.php:2973 #: sitemap.php:3117 msgid "Priority" msgstr "優先權 " #: sitemap.php:2974 msgid "Choose the priority of the page relative to the other pages. For example, your homepage might have a higher priority than your imprint." msgstr "選擇該頁面的優先權(相較於其他頁面而言)。例如:您的首頁或許會比版權說明頁的優先權來得高。" #: sitemap.php:2976 #: sitemap.php:3119 msgid "Last Changed" msgstr "最近更動" #: sitemap.php:2977 msgid "Enter the date of the last change as YYYY-MM-DD (2005-12-31 for example) (optional)." msgstr "輸入最近更動的日期,格式為 YYYY-MM-DD(例如:2005-12-31)(非必要)" #: sitemap.php:3118 msgid "Change Frequency" msgstr "設定更新頻率" #: sitemap.php:3120 msgid "#" msgstr "#" #: sitemap.php:3125 msgid "No pages defined." msgstr "還沒有頁面已被設定" #: sitemap.php:3130 msgid "Add new page" msgstr "新增頁面" #: sitemap.php:3141 msgid "Post Priority" msgstr "文章優先權 " #: sitemap.php:3145 msgid "Please select how the priority of each post should be calculated:" msgstr "請選擇每篇文章應該用多少優先權來計算:" #: sitemap.php:3147 msgid "Do not use automatic priority calculation" msgstr "不使用自動優先權計算" #: sitemap.php:3147 msgid "All posts will have the same priority which is defined in "Priorities"" msgstr "所有的文章使用相同定義在"優先權"內的優先權。" #: sitemap.php:3164 msgid "Location of your sitemap file" msgstr "網站地圖的位置" #: sitemap.php:3169 msgid "Automatic detection" msgstr "自動位置" #: sitemap.php:3173 msgid "Filename of the sitemap file" msgstr "網站地圖的檔名" #: sitemap.php:3176 msgid "Detected Path" msgstr "偵測到的路徑" #: sitemap.php:3176 msgid "Detected URL" msgstr "偵測到的網址" #: sitemap.php:3181 msgid "Custom location" msgstr "自定位置" #: sitemap.php:3185 msgid "Absolute or relative path to the sitemap file, including name." msgstr "網站地圖的絕對或相對路徑,包括檔名。" #: sitemap.php:3187 #: sitemap.php:3196 msgid "Example" msgstr "範例" #: sitemap.php:3194 msgid "Complete URL to the sitemap file, including name." msgstr "網站地圖的完整網址,包括檔名。" #: sitemap.php:3213 msgid "Sitemap Content" msgstr "網站地圖內容" #: sitemap.php:3221 msgid "Include homepage" msgstr "包含首頁" #: sitemap.php:3227 msgid "Include posts" msgstr "包含文章" #: sitemap.php:3233 msgid "Include static pages" msgstr "包含網誌分頁" #: sitemap.php:3239 msgid "Include categories" msgstr "包含分類" #: sitemap.php:3245 msgid "Include archives" msgstr "包含匯整" #: sitemap.php:3251 msgid "Include author pages" msgstr "包含作者頁面" #: sitemap.php:3265 msgid "Change frequencies" msgstr "更新頻率設定" #: sitemap.php:3271 msgid "Please note that the value of this tag is considered a hint and not a command. Even though search engine crawlers consider this information when making decisions, they may crawl pages marked \"hourly\" less frequently than that, and they may crawl pages marked \"yearly\" more frequently than that. It is also likely that crawlers will periodically crawl pages marked \"never\" so that they can handle unexpected changes to those pages." msgstr "請注意下列各設定值僅被視為提示而非命令。雖然搜尋引擎漫遊器會考慮這資訊做出決定,他們也許會較少漫遊被標記為「Hourly」的頁面,或者更加頻繁地漫遊被標記為「Yearly」的頁面。搜尋引擎漫遊機制會週期性地漫遊被標記為「Never」的頁面,以便他們能處理對那些頁面的變動。" #: sitemap.php:3277 #: sitemap.php:3335 msgid "Homepage" msgstr "首頁" #: sitemap.php:3283 msgid "Posts" msgstr "文章" #: sitemap.php:3289 #: sitemap.php:3353 msgid "Static pages" msgstr "網誌分頁" #: sitemap.php:3295 #: sitemap.php:3359 msgid "Categories" msgstr "分類" #: sitemap.php:3301 msgid "The current archive of this month (Should be the same like your homepage)" msgstr "現有的每月彙整(應該與您的首頁相同)" #: sitemap.php:3307 msgid "Older archives (Changes only if you edit an old post)" msgstr "較舊的彙整(只有在您修改舊文章的時候才會改變)" #: sitemap.php:3313 #: sitemap.php:3371 msgid "Author pages" msgstr "作者頁面" #: sitemap.php:3327 msgid "Priorities" msgstr "優先權" #: sitemap.php:3341 msgid "Posts (If auto calculation is disabled)" msgstr "文章(如果自動計算沒有打開)" #: sitemap.php:3347 msgid "Minimum post priority (Even if auto calculation is enabled)" msgstr "優先權最小值(即使自動計算有打開)" #: sitemap.php:3365 msgid "Archives" msgstr "彙整" #: sitemap.php:3382 msgid "Update options" msgstr "更新選項" #: sitemap.php:3383 msgid "Reset options" msgstr "重置選項"