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For example, if your domain is www.foo.com and your blog is located on www.foo.com/blog you might want to include your homepage at www.foo.comHide this listHide this noticeHomepageHourlyIf you changed something on your server or blog, you should rebuild the sitemap manually.If you encounter any problems with the build process you can use the debug function to get more information.If your blog is in a subdirectory and you want to add pages which are NOT in the blog directory or beneath, you MUST place your sitemap file in the root directory (Look at the "Location of your sitemap file" section on this page)!Include a XSLT stylesheet:Include all pages of multi-page posts (<!--nextpage-->)Include archivesInclude author pagesInclude categoriesInclude homepageInclude postsInclude static pagesInclude tag pagesIt took %time% seconds to notify Ask.com, maybe you want to disable this feature to reduce the building time.It took %time% seconds to notify Google, maybe you want to disable this feature to reduce the building time.It took %time% seconds to notify MSN.com, maybe you want to disable this feature to reduce the building time.It took %time% seconds to notify YAHOO, maybe you want to disable this feature to reduce the building time.Last ChangedLearn moreLimit the number of posts in the sitemap:List of IDs, separated by commaList of the donorsLocation of your sitemap fileMSN was successfully notified about changes.Minimum post priority (Even if auto calculation is enabled)Modify or create %s file in blog root which contains the sitemap location.MonthlyMy Amazon Wish ListMy Sitemaps FAQNeverNewer posts will be included firstNo pages defined.No registration required, but you can join the Google Webmaster Tools to check crawling statistics.No registration required, but you can join the MSN Live Webmaster Tools to check crawling statistics.No registration required.No thanks, please don't bug me anymore!NoteNotify Ask.com about updates of your BlogNotify Google about updates of your BlogNotify ListNotify MSN Live Search about updates of your BlogNotify YAHOO about updates of your BlogOK, robots.txt doesn't exist but the directory is writable.OK, robots.txt is writable.Official Sitemaps FAQOlder archives (Changes only if you edit an old post)Pages savedPlease note that the value of this tag is considered a hint and not a command. Even though search engine crawlers consider this information when making decisions, they may crawl pages marked "hourly" less frequently than that, and they may crawl pages marked "yearly" more frequently than that. It is also likely that crawlers will periodically crawl pages marked "never" so that they can handle unexpected changes to those pages.Please select how the priority of each post should be calculated:Plugin HomepagePopularity ContestPost PriorityPostsPosts (If auto calculation is disabled)PrioritiesPriorityRebuild sitemap if you change the content of your blogRecent Donations:Report a BugReset optionsSearch BlogSite ExplorerSitemap ContentSitemap Resources:Sitemap files:Sitemaps ProtocolStatic pagesStatusSuggest a FeatureSupport ForumTag pagesThank you very much for your donation. You help me to continue support and development of this plugin and other free software!Thanks for using this plugin! You've installed this plugin over a month ago. If it works and your are satisfied with the results, isn't it worth at least one dollar? Donations help me to continue support and development of this free software! Sure, no problem!Thanks for your support!The building process might still be active! Reload the page in a few seconds and check if something has changed.The building process took about %time% seconds to complete and used %memory% MB of memory.The building process took about %time% seconds to complete.The content of your sitemap didn't change since the last time so the files were not written and no search engine was pinged.The current archive of this month (Should be the same like your homepage)The default configuration was restored.The last known execution time of the script was %timeused% seconds, the limit of your server is %timelimit% seconds.The last known memory usage of the script was %memused%MB, the limit of your server is %memlimit%.The last run didn't finish! Maybe you can raise the memory or time limit for PHP scripts. Learn moreThe script stopped around post number %lastpost% (+/- 100)The sitemap wasn't built yet. Click here to build it the first time.There is a new version of %1$s available. Download version %3$s here automatic upgrade unavailable for this plugin.There is a new version of %1$s available. Download version %3$s here or upgrade automatically.There is a new version of %1$s available. Download version %3$s here.There was a problem while notifying Ask.com. View resultThere was a problem while notifying Google. View resultThere was a problem while notifying MSN.com. View resultThere was a problem while notifying YAHOO. View resultThere was a problem writing your sitemap file. Make sure the file exists and is writable. Learn moreLearn more%1 Please check the logfile above to see if sitemap was successfully built.Try to increase the execution time limit to:Try to increase the memory limit to:URL to the pageUpdate notification:Update optionsUse DefaultUses the activated Popularity Contest Plugin from Alex King. See Settings and Most Popular PostsUses the average comment count to calculate the priorityUses the number of comments of the post to calculate the priorityWebmaster BlogWebmaster Center BlogWebmaster ToolsWeeklyWrite a gzipped file (your filename + .gz)Write a normal XML file (your filename)XML Sitemap Generator for WordPressXML-SitemapXML-Sitemap GeneratorYAHOO was successfully notified about changes.YearlyYour sitemap was last built on %date%.Your Application ID:Your sitemap (zipped) was last built on %date%.Your sitemap is beeing refreshed at the moment. Depending on your blog size this might take some time!Your sitemap will be refreshed in %s seconds. Depending on your blog size this might take some time!click to %toggle% this boxclick-down and drag to move this boxclosee.g. "4M", "16M"in seconds, e.g. "60" or "0" for unlimitedopentranslator_nametranslator_urluse the arrow keys to move this boxProject-Id-Version: Google XML Sitemaps 3.1 POT-Creation-Date: PO-Revision-Date: 2008-05-23 21:08+0800 Last-Translator: dupola Language-Team: dupola MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8 Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit X-Poedit-Language: Chinese X-Poedit-Country: China X-Poedit-Basepath: D:\usr\www\wp-content\plugins\google-sitemap-generator X-Poedit-KeywordsList: _e;__ X-Poedit-SearchPath-0: D:\usr\www\wp-content\plugins\google-sitemap-generator #,或者按这里to %toggle% itRobots.txt 文件已保存关于这个插件:sitemap 的绝对或相对路径,包括名字。增加一个新的页面附加页面高级设置:所有日志都将拥有 "优先权" 设定中设置的那样的优先权总是存档更新已经成功通知 Ask.com。作者页自动检查基本设置在后台建立 sitemap(你不需要在保存日志时等待)建立模式:分类更改频率更改频率选择该页面的相关页面的优先权。比如,你的主页应该拥有一个更高的优先权。评论平均评论数量sitemap 文件的完全地址,包括名字。配置已更新自定义设置每天检查路径检查地址不要使用默认优先计算没有 key?点这里申请一个! %s2通过 PayPal 捐赠启用 MySQL 标准模式。仅在 MySQL 发生错误的时候使用。(将会占用更多内存!)通过 GET Request 启用手动建立 sitemap输入这个页面的地址,比如:http://dupola.com/dreamhost 或 www.dupola.com/google输入最后更改的日期,格式为 YYYY-MM-DD (例如 2005-12-31) (可选的l).保存 Robots.txt 文件时出错保存设置时出错保存页面时出错错误,robots.txt 不存在并且这个目录不可写。错误,robots.txt 不可写。例如不包括下面的日志或页面:文件权限:sitemap 文件的名字你的 .xsl 文件的绝对或相对路径更新已经成功通知 Google。在这里你可以为 sitemap 加入一些特殊的但并不存在于你 Blog/WordPress 的地址。比如,如果你的域名是 www.dupola.com,你的blog在 www.dupola.com/blog 上,你可以加入你的首页 www.dupola.com隐藏这个列表隐藏提示首页每小时如果你 Blog 或服务器更新了某些东西,你应该手动 重建 sitemap。如果在执行建立程序时遇到问题,你可以使用 debug function来获取更多信息。如果你的 blog 在子目录里,你要添加 blog 目录或下级目录没有的页面,你必须将 sitemap 文件放到这个目录里(查看本页的 " sitemap 文件的位置 " 一节)!包含一个 XSLT 清单包括所有多重页面 (<!--nextpage-->)包含存档页面包含作者页面包含分类包含首页包含日志包含统计页面包含 Tag 页面通知 Ask.com 用了%time% ,也许你应该禁用这一功能以减少创建时间。通知 Google 用了%time% ,也许你应该禁用这一功能以减少创建时间。通知 MSN.com 用了%time% ,也许你应该禁用这一功能以减少创建时间。通知 YAHOO 用了 %time% ,也许你应该禁用这项功能以减少建立时间。最近更改学习更多sitemap 里日志数量的限制:ID 列表,用英文逗号隔开捐赠者列表你的 sitemap 文件的位置更新已经成功通知 MSN。日志最小优先(即使自动计算已经开启)在 阻止 sitemap 的 blog 目录修改或建立 %s 文件。每月我想要的东西(Amazon)我的 Sitemaps FAQ从不较早的日志将首先被包含进来没有页面非必须注册,不过你可以使用Google 管理员工具查看爬虫统计。非必须注册,不过你可以加入MSN Live 管理员工具以检查爬虫统计。非必须注册。不,请别再再骚扰我啦!注意提醒 Ask.com 关于你 Blog 的更新通知 Google 关于你 Blog 的更新通告列表通知 MSN Live Search 关于你 Blog 的更新提醒 Yahoo 关于你 Blog 的更新不错,robots.txt 不存在,但这个目录是可写的。不错,robots.txt 可写。通用 Sitemaps FAQ较早的存档(只在你编辑了旧日志后才更新)页面已保存请注意,这些值仅仅是参考建立而并非是准确无误的。 请选择每篇日志可预设的优先权:插件主页热门内容日志优先日志日志(如果自动计算已禁用)优先权优先在你更改了 Blog 内容后重建 sitemap最近捐赠者:报告 Bug重置设置Search BlogSite Explorersitemap 内容Sitemap 资源:sitemap 文件Sitemaps 协议统计页面统计建议新功能支持论坛Tag页非常感谢你的捐赠,你的帮助可以使我继续开发该这个和其他项目!感谢你使用这个插件!你已经启用这个插件一个多月了。运行得很不错,你觉得它值不值1美元?捐赠 帮助我继续开发这个 免费 软件! 当然,没问题!谢谢支持!这项处理将会生效!几秒钟后刷新这个页面,查看是否有所变化。此次建立大约用了 %time% 秒 完成,使用了 %memory% MB 内存。此次建立用了大约 %time% 秒 完成。从上次这个文件不可写以后,你的 sitemap 就没有更新 ,并且也没有通知任何搜索引擎。这个月的存档(应该和你的首页保持一致)默认结构已经被修复。上次执行时间 %timeused% 秒,你的服务器限制是 %timelimit% 秒.上次执行用了 was %memused%MB, 你的服务器限制是 %memlimit%。上次运行没有完成!你应该为 PHP scripts 增加内存或时间限制。学习更多这个脚本停止于这篇日志: %lastpost% (+/- 100)sitemap 还没建立,点击这里建立。XML Sitemap 的新版本 %1$s 发布了. 到这里下载 %3$s 版无法自动更新这个插件.XML Sitemap 新版 %1$s 发布了。 到这里下载 %3$s 版 或者 自动升级。XML Sitemap 有新版本 %1$s 发布了。 这里来下载 %3$s 版。通知 MSN.com 时出错。查看结果在通知 Google 时发生错误,查看结果通知 MSN.com 时出错。查看结果通知 YAHOO 时出错。查看结果写入 sitemap 文件时发生错误。保证这个文件存在并且可写。学习更多在创建 zipped sitemap 文件时发生了错误。保证这个文件存在并且可写。学习更多这将允许你刷新你的 sitemap,如果外部工具不是通过 WordPress API写入 WordPress 数据。使用下面这个链接开始运行:%1 请检查上面的日志文件,看看 sitemap 有没有成功建立。增加执行时间限制到:增加内存限制到:这个页面的 URL更新通知:更新设置使用默认的使用已经激活的 Alex King热门日志插件。 查看 设置 and 最流行日志通过评论平均来决定计算优先通过文章评论数量的多少来决定优先Webmaster BlogWebmaster Center BlogWebmaster Tools每周创建一个 gzipped 文件 (你的文件名 + .gz)创建一个 XML 文件 (你的文件名)XML 地图生成器XML-SitemapXML-Sitemap 生成器更新已经成功通知 YAHOO。每月你的 sitemap 上一次建立是在%date%。你的 Application ID:你的 sitemap (zipped) 上一次建立是在 %date%.你的 sitemap 已经更新了。Blog 配置不同,它完全生效的时间也不同。你的 sitemap 将在 %s 秒内更新,Blog 配置不同,它完全生效的时间也不同。点击并 %toggle% 这个区域点击并拖动它到这个区域关闭比如: "4M", "16M"按秒计算,比如 "60" or "0" 没有限制打开简体中文(dupola)http://dupola.com使用箭头指向来移动这个区块