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For example, if your domain is www.foo.com and your blog is located on www.foo.com/blog you might want to include your homepage at www.foo.comHomepageIf you want to build the sitemap without editing a post, click on here!If your blog is in a subdirectory and you want to add pages which are NOT in the blog directory or beneath, you MUST place your sitemap file in the root directory (Look at the "Location of your sitemap file" section on this page)!Include archivesInclude categoriesInclude homepageInclude postsInclude static pagesIncludingsInformations and supportLast ChangedLocation of your sitemap fileManual locationManual rebuildMinimum post priority (Even if auto calculation is enabled)No pages defined.NoteOROlder archives (Changes only if you edit an old post)Pages savedPath:Please note that the value of this tag is considered a hint and not a command. Even though search engine crawlers consider this information when making decisions, they may crawl pages marked "hourly" less frequently than that, and they may crawl pages marked "yearly" more frequently than that. It is also likely that crawlers will periodically crawl pages marked "never" so that they can handle unexpected changes to those pages.PostsPosts (If auto calculation is disabled)PrioritiesPriorityRebuild SitemapSave page changesSitemap GeneratorStatic pagesSuccessfully built gzipped sitemap file:Successfully built sitemap file:Successfully pinged Google at %sThe current archive of this month (Should be the same like your homepage)The page was deleted. Click on "Save page changes" to save your changes.This option will automatically tell Google about changes.URL to the pageURL:Undo all page changesUpdate optionsWrite a gzipped file (your filename + .gz)Write a normal XML file (your filename)Write debug commentsYou changes have been cleared.alwaysdailyhourlymonthlyneverweeklyyearlyProject-Id-Version: sitemap Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: POT-Creation-Date: 2005-06-09 02:00+0900 PO-Revision-Date: 2005-07-03 23:17+0900 Last-Translator: hiromasa MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=EUC-JP Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit Language-Team: #ɲåڡʤˤäޤ ʥڡξϸ"ѹ¸" 򲡲¸Ʋե̾ޤ Sitemap եؤФ⤷ХѥڡɲɲåڡGoogle Sitemap ˹ ping ưŪƥ(changefreq)(changefreq)⤷䵿䡢Ƥ %s ΥåץǡȾ䥳ȤǧƲ¾Υڡ㤷ڡͥ(priority)Ǥ 㤨СʤΥۡڡϡõΥڡ⤤ͥ٤뤫⤷ޤե̾ޤ Sitemap եؤδ URL򹹿ޤGoogle ؤι ping ǤޤǤ %s%s ˽񤭹ळȤǤޤޡ줿ڡκѥľDetected URLƤФ륳ȿǡơʳƥȥˤͥ(priority)ư׻뵡ǽͭˤΥڡURL ϤƲ : http://www.foo.com/index.html www.foo.com/home ǽ YYYY-MM-DD ϤƲ顼Ǥɲåڡ¸˥顼ȯޤSitemap Υե̾ǡSitemap ˴ޤޤ٤Ǥ URL ꤹ뤳ȤǤޤ ǻꤹ URL WordPress/Blog °ƤϤޤ
㤨Хɥᥤ www.foo.com ǥ֥ www.foo.com/blog ä硢ʤ www.foo.com Sitemap ˴ޤߤȻפ⤷ޤ󡣡: ιܤ WordPress ʳ URL ꤷץ饰ǽϤ Sitemap ˴ޤ뤳ȤǤޤۡڡ⤷ƤԽʤ Sitemap եƹۤϤΥܥ򲡲Ƥ!⤷ʤΥ֥֥ǥ쥯ȥ֤Ƥˡ֥ǥ쥯ȥʳΥڡ Sitemap ˴ޤ᤿ȤϡSitemap ե롼ȥǥ쥯ȥ֤٤ǤʤΥڡ "Sitemap եξ" ǧƲƥۡڡơʳƥȥŪʥڡSitemap ˴ޤ ܤȥݡǽSitemap եξưưˤ Sitemap եκƹơʳƥȥˤκǾ ("Ū"Ǽư׻ꤷƤͭ)ɲåڡƤޤ⤷Ť (ŤƤԽȤѹƤ)ɲåڡ¸ޤPath:Υͤ̿ǤϤʤҥȤȹͤޤ󥸥ΥϤθޤ"1֤" ˤƤ⤽٤ǥ뤷ʤ⤷ʤ"ǯ٤" ˤƤ⤽ˤ˥뤵뤫⤷ޤ󡣤ޤ "ʤ" ꤵ줿ڡ⡢פʤѲ򤳤Υڡ뤿ˡ餯Ū˥뤹Ǥ礦ơʳƥȥơʳƥȥ ("Ū"Ǽư׻ꤷƤʤͭ)ͥ(priority)ͥ(priority)Sitemap κƹѹ¸Sitemap GeneratorŪʥڡۤ gz ̤줿 Sitemap ե:ۤ Sitemap ե:Google ؤι ping ޤ %sΥ ("ۡڡ" Ʊˤ٤Ǥ)ꤵ줿ɲåڡʤˤޤ "ѹ¸" 򲡲¸ƲΥץϡѹ Google ˼ưŪΤޤΥڡURLURL:ڡѹ򸵤᤹򹹿 »gz ̤줿եϤ (filename + .gz)ɸ XML եϤ (filename)ǥХåѥȽϤԤѹϴ˺ƤޤĤʤ轵ǯ