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Most search engines use a maximum of 160 chars for the description.%blog_description% - Your blog description%blog_title% - Your blog title%category% - Alias for %category_title%%category_description% - The description of the category%category_title% - The (main) category of the post%category_title% - The original title of the category%date% - The original archive title given by wordpress, e.g. "2007" or "2007 August"%description% - The original description as determined by the plugin, e.g. the excerpt if one is set or an auto-generated one if that option is set%page% - The page number%page_author_firstname% - This page's author' first name (capitalized)%page_author_lastname% - This page's author' last name (capitalized)%page_author_login% - This page's author' login%page_author_nicename% - This page's author' nicename%page_title% - The original title of the page%post_author_firstname% - This post's author' first name (capitalized)%post_author_lastname% - This post's author' last name (capitalized)%post_author_login% - This post's author' login%post_author_nicename% - This post's author' nicename%post_title% - The original title of the post%request_url% - The original URL path, like "/url-that-does-not-exist/"%request_words% - The URL path in human readable form, like "Url That Does Not Exist"%search% - What was searched for%tag% - The name of the tag%wp_title% - The original wordpress title, e.g. post_title for posts(Remember: Backup early, backup often!)404 Title Format:A comma separated list of your most important keywords for your site that will be written as META keywords on your homepage. Don't stuff everything in here.Additional Home Headers:Additional Page Headers:Additional Post Headers:All in One SEOAll in One SEO Options Updated.All in One SEO PackAll in One SEO Plugin FeedbackAll in One SEO Plugin OptionsAll in One SEO Plugin Release HistoryAll in One SEO Plugin TranslationsArchive Title Format:As the name implies, this will be the title of your homepage. This is independent of any other option. If not set, the default blog title will get used.Autogenerate Descriptions:Category Title Format:Check this and SEO pack will create a log of important events (all_in_one_seo_pack.log) in its plugin directory which might help debugging it. Make sure this directory is writable.Check this and your META descriptions will get autogenerated if there's no excerpt.Check this for excluding archive pages from being crawled. Useful for avoiding duplicate content.Check this for excluding category pages from being crawled. Useful for avoiding duplicate content.Check this for excluding tag pages from being crawled. Useful for avoiding duplicate content.Check this if you want your categories for a given post used as the META keywords for this post (in addition to any keywords and tags you specify on the post edit page).Click for Help!Click here for SupportClick on option titles to get help!Could not download distribution (%s)Could not download distribution (%s): %sCould not open %s for writingCould not write to %sDescription Format:Description:Disable on this page/post:FAQFeedbackHome Description:Home Keywords (comma separated):Home Title:Keywords (comma separated):Log important events:Note that this is all about the title tag. This is what you see in your browser's window title bar. This is NOT visible on a page, only in the window title bar and of course in the source. If set, all page, post, category, search and archive page titles get rewritten. You can specify the format for most of them. For example: The default templates puts the title tag of posts like this: “Blog Archive >> Blog Name >> Post Title” (maybe I've overdone slightly). This is far from optimal. With the default post title format, Rewrite Title rewrites this to “Post Title | Blog Name”. If you have manually defined a title (in one of the text fields for All in One SEO Plugin input) this will become the title of your post in the format string.One Click UpgradePage Title Format:Paged Format:Please make sure %s is writablePlease make sure that %s is writable.Post Title Format:Rewrite Titles:Search Title Format:Should I upgrade?Tag Title Format:The META description for your homepage. Independent of any other options, the default is no META description at all if this is not set.The following macros are supported:This is version This string gets appended/prepended to titles when they are for paged index pages (like home or archive pages).Title:TranslationsUpdate OptionsUpgrade failedUpgraded to newest version. Please revisit the options page to make sure you see the newest version.Use Categories for META keywords:Use noindex for Archives:Use noindex for Categories:Use noindex for Tag Archives:What you enter here will be copied verbatim to your header on pages. You can enter whatever additional headers you want here, even references to stylesheets.What you enter here will be copied verbatim to your header on post pages. You can enter whatever additional headers you want here, even references to stylesheets.What you enter here will be copied verbatim to your header on the home page. You can enter whatever additional headers you want here, even references to stylesheets.Project-Id-Version: all in one seo pack Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: POT-Creation-Date: 2008-04-08 21:20+0800 PO-Revision-Date: 2008-04-08 21:24+0800 Last-Translator: Leo Language-Team: WordPress 中文团队 MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8 Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit X-Poedit-Language: Chinese X-Poedit-Country: CHINA X-Poedit-SourceCharset: utf-8 X-Poedit-KeywordsList: __;_e X-Poedit-Basepath: . X-Poedit-SearchPath-0: C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\all-in-one-seo-pack 个字符(大多数搜索引擎对该描述的字数限制为 160 个字符):%blog_description% - 博客描述%blog_title% - 博客标题%category% - %category_title% 的别名%category_description% - 分类描述%category_title% - 日志的(主)分类%category_title% - 分类原始标题%date% - WordPress 提供的存档页面原始标题,如“2007” 或 “2007 八月”%description% - 由本插件决定的原始描述。例如,若设置了摘要,则为摘要;若启用了自动生成,则为自动生成的描述。%page% - 页号%page_author_firstname% - 页面作者姓氏 (首字母大写)%page_author_lastname% - 页面作者名 (首字母大写)%page_author_login% - 页面作者登录名%page_author_nicename% - 页面作者昵称%page_title% - 页面原始标题%post_author_firstname% - 日志作者姓氏 (首字母大写)%post_author_lastname% - 日志作者名 (首字母大写)%post_author_login% - 日志作者登录名%post_author_nicename% - 日志作者昵称%post_title% - 日志的原始标题%request_url% - 原始 URL 形式,形如 "/url-that-does-not-exist/"%request_words% - 可读的 URL 形式,形如 "Url That Does Not Exist"%search% - 搜索关键词%tag% - 标签名称%wp_title% - 日志的原始标题(提醒:请及时备份)404 页面标题格式:对您的站点来说最重要的关键词,用英文逗号分隔。这些关键词将作为元关键词写入首页。不要填写太多的内容。主页附加 header 元素:页面附加 header 元素:日志附加 header 元素:All in One SEOAll in One SEO 选项已更新。All in One SEO PackAll in One SEO 插件反馈All in One SEO 插件选项All in One SEO 插件版本历史All in One SEO 插件翻译存档页面标题格式:顾名思义,这就是您的首页的标题格式。该选项独立于其它任何选项。若不设置,则为默认的博客标题。自动生成日志描述:分类页面标题格式:选中此项将在插件目录下创建文件all_in_one_seo_pack.log,用来记录重大事件,以帮助调试。请确保目录可写。若日志无摘要,选中此项将自动生成元描述。选中此项可禁止存档页面被抓取,以避免重复内容。选中此项可禁止分类页面被抓取,以避免重复内容。选中此项可禁止标签页面被抓取,以避免重复内容。如果您要将一个特定日志的分类作为该日志的元关键词,请选中此项(如果您在日志编辑页面中指定了任何其它关键词或标签,则一起包括在内)。查看帮助寻求技术支持点击相应选项以查看帮助无法下载发行版本 (%s)无法下载发行版本 (%s):%s无法打开%s 以供写入无法写入到 %s描述格式:描述: 在该日志/页面中禁用:FAQ反馈首页描述:首页关键词 (以英文逗号分隔) :首页标题: 关键词 (以英文逗号分隔):记录重大事件:标题标签只可见于浏览器窗口的标题栏及源代码,而在页面上不可见。若选中该项,所有页面、日志、分类、搜索、存档的标题都会被重写。可以指定其中大多数的格式。比如,默认模板这样书写日志标题栏:“博客存档 >> 博客名称 >> 日志标题”,这远远不够理想。启用本选项后,默认将标题栏重写为“日志标题 | 博客名称”。如果您在下列输入框中手工定义了标题格式,则日志标题将按您自定义的格式输出。一键升级常规页面标题格式:分页格式:请确保 %s 可写。请确保 %s 可写。日志标题格式:重写标题:搜索页面标题格式:我需要升级吗?标签页面标题格式:首页的元描述。若不设置,则默认不添加任何元描述,这一点独立于其它选项。支持以下宏:当前版本:该字串被附加到分页页面的标题中(比如首页分页和存档分页)。标题:翻译更新选项升级失败已更新到最新版本。请访问选项页面以查看详情。使用分类名称作为关键词:禁止搜索引擎收录日志存档:禁止搜索引擎收录日志分类:禁止搜索引擎收录标签存档:在此输入的内容会被原封不动地得到在日志页面的 header 中。可以在此输入任何您需要的附加 header 元素,甚至是对样式表的引用。在此输入的内容会被原封不动地得到在日志页面的 header 中。可以在此输入任何您需要的附加 header 元素,甚至是对样式表的引用。在此输入的内容会被原封不动地得到在主面的 header 中。可以在此输入任何您需要的附加 header 元素,甚至是用样式表的引用。