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uTorrent 1.8 Beta 9704

uTorrent is an efficient and feature rich BitTorrent client for Windows sporting a very small footprint. It was designed to use as little cpu, memory and space as possible while offering all the functionality expected from advanced clients.

uTorrent has quickly become a favorite among torrent users worldwide thanks to an innovative interface, minute CPU usage and extensive download details.
uTorrent is undoubtedly one of the most reliable torrent clients on the market, thanks to an ultra quick installation process and a minimal use of PC resources. You can have a good number of torrents downloading and still be able to use your PC without suffering any lags.
uTorrent makes it easy for you to look for new downloads without opening up your browser. You can search the main torrent sites by typing the name of the file you are looking for in the box on the top right corner of the interface. uTorrent also includes an RSS downloader to receive feeds of your favourite torrent sites. This little feature is great to check out all new torrents in one click.
The first time you launch uTorrent it lets you check your connection settings online and verify whether your ports are functioning properly. The preferences menu is also replete with tweaking possibilities. You can customize queuing, scheduling and downloading. Setting the location of downloaded files is the only bit that could confuse users as uTorrent makes a difference between new downloads and completed downloads.
uTorrent Main Feature:
  • * Multiple simultaneous downloads
  • * Configurable bandwidth scheduler
  • * Global and per-torrent speed limiting
  • * Quick-resumes interrupted transfers
  • * RSS Downloader.
  • * Trackerless support (Mainline DHT).

uTorrent Current Version:
uTorrent 1.8 Beta 9704

uTorrent New Version Change Log:
  • - Change: when done, disconnect peers that have everything we have (instead of only 100%)
  • - Change: drop inactive peers in favor of local peers, if a connection limit is hit
  • - Fix: timezone parsing in RSS feeds (PST, EDT, etc)
  • - Fix: allowed fast messages before we have metadata
  • - Fix: "incorrect alignment" errors
  • - Fix: crash when creating and seeding torrent